the nameless one

"give me a name, give me a purpose, and I shall follow"


NAMEkhasar buduga
RACEauri xaela void - tainted?
BIRTHPLACEazim steppe
CLASSpugilist / warrior
OCCUPATIONvagabond / mercenary / hitman
RELATIONSHIPnot searching
voice claim--


Khasar - "fearsome dog" (Thought to refer to chinese shishi dogs, protecting the building they are placed in front of from harmful spiritual influences and harmful people that might be a threat. In Khasar’s case, this might be a settlement, tribe, thing, person)

Wounds he sustained during his abduction grew over with scales instead of healing properly, effectively rendering one side of his face and hand nearly stiff.

light sleeper - will take several naps instead of one long sleep, easy to wake up


as a man of few words, not much is known of his past. it is not that he is actively hiding it - if asked, he will speak. it is much rather the case that most people don't bother - or dare - to ask.

what is easily visible are his life with the steppe clans of the east, a background in fighting and survival.

currently Khasar resides in a small apartment in Ul'dah, picking up odd jobs wherever he can. be it acting as a bodyguard, courier, bouncer, debt collecter - hitman, or participant in undergound fights. if he sees a purpose in it, he will fulfill it to the best of his capabilities.


there is much more to khasar's past. all of it can be found out in rp - bit by bit, until the full picture of him comes together.

hooks & misc.

need a hand - or muscle - for shady business? khasar is your man, and won't ask questions.

are you an au'ra or other person in dire straits? despite all his intimidating looks, he might just pick you up and help out.

need a sparring partner, boxing opponent? khasar is always open for a match - but be aware of the man's strength


mature and e-rpg friendly, but keep in mind that i reserve the right to decline
21+ only
prefer rp via discord but will do ingame as well
always looking for new connections -
feel free to drop me a message in game or on discord!


Quiet, pensivecurt, short-spokenCalculating, considers his wordsInquisitive, perceptive of his surroundingsseemingly socially maladjustedEffective, straight-forward“no-bullshit” attitudeDependable - if given aim and purposeloyal to those he trusts & cares about

likes - dislikes

+ quiet evenings
+ watching people, the weather, the scenery
+ clear objectives, purpose
+ instrumental music
+ taking naps

x crowded spaces, cities at daytime
x unnecessary rambling
x fireworks
x song
x feeling aimless


found nameless, motherless and tribeless, the tumet picked him up and raised him. harsher than their own children, to justify his place in their midst. while they thought him a son given up by the borlaaq, there was no definite proof.

Like every Tumet child he was tied to a tree at the age of 10 summers, left as the tribe departed. Before he was able to free himself, he was found by a troop of Buduga men – and, once untied, fought. Knowing very well they’d been looking the tribe that raised him, he ran. Led them straight towards the Tumet, yet kept fighting, Tumet and Buduga alike until he was knocked out.

His first months with the Buduga were spent in silence, under alert watch, bound and tied. Yet, the one they now called Khasar - fearsome dog - had no intent to run or fight.

He sat in silence as they called him a soft Qestir, as they mocked him for never having had a clan seeing as Tumet are only recognized as part of the tribe and receive a name after escaping the binds and returning to their clansmen.

Still, Khasar hardly was the feral dog they thought him to be. The time he spent in silence he used to watch the other men talk, act, behave, with the coldly inquisitive gaze of a predator.

The Buduga respected him, yet hardly interacted with Khasar. Living up to the name given to him, he preferred to hold watch throughout the night and fend off possible intruders or beasts – on his own, until others were alerted by the noise inevitably caused by the fight.

Yet, after everything, Khasar carries no hard feelings about the Buduga. He stayed with them, as it seemed there was nothing else in life for him.

once the buduga allied with the oronir, however, and moved up onto the dawn throne, khasar felt his purpose wane, until at some point - he simply left to roam around, searching for a new aim, a new purpose.